What System Analyst Does?


A system analyst carries out the following activities :

  1. The first and perhaps most difficult task of systems analyst is problem definition. Business problems are quite difficult to define. Problems can not be solved until they are precisely and clearly defined.
  2. Having gathered the data relating to a problem, the systems analyst analyses them and thinks to plan to solve it. He may not come up personally with the best way of solving a problem but pulls together people’s ideas and refines them until a workable solution is achieved.
  3. Systems analysts are often referred to as planners. A key part of the systems analyst’s job is to develop a plan to meet the management’s objectives.
  4. Initially a systems analysis does not know how to solve a specific problem. He must consult managers, users and other data processing professionals in defining problems and developing solutions.
  5. systems analysts co-ordinate the process of developing solutions. The systems analyst must evaluate the merit of such proposed solution before recommending one to the management.
  6. When the plan has been accepted, systems analyst is responsible for designing it so that management’s goal could be achieved. Systems design is a time consuming, complex and precise task.

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