Test Planning


No system design is ever perfect. Communication problems, programmer’s negligence, time constraints and user communication creates errors that must be eliminated before the system is ready for user acceptance.

System testing requires a test plan that consists of several key activities to ensure a quality product.

Test planning helps us to design and organize the tests. It gives the general idea about the scope and schedule of testing, as well as identifying the test items for the entire testing process. It can be done before the actual testing commences and can be done in parallel with design phases.

Purpose of the Plan : A plan should explain the answer of following questions :

  • Who does the testing ?
  • Why the tests are performed ?
  • How the tests are conducted ?
  • When the tests are scheduled ?

Inputs for generating the test plan are following :

(1) Project Plan : Project plan is needed to ensure that testing schedule matching that of the project plan and test plan is consistent with the overall plan. for the project.

(2) Requirements and design document : Through these documents we select the test units and decide the approaches to be used during the testing.

A test plan contains the following :

  • Test unit specification
  • Features to be tested
  • Approach for testing
  • Test deliverables
  • Schedule
  • Personnel allocation

(3) Test case specification : It is done separately for each unit. The overall approach stated in the plan- is refined into speCific test technique that should be followed and into the criteria to be used for evaluation. Test case specification gives, for each units to- be tested, all test cases, inputs to be used in the test case and outputs expected for those test cases.

(4) Test case execution and Analysis : Test procedure specification contains the steps to be performed to execute the test cases. Various outputs of a test case execution are test log, test summary report and the error report. Test log contains the details of testing. Summary report gives the total number of test cases to be executed, the number and nature of errors found and summary of any metrics data collected and the error report gives the summary of all the detected errors.

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