System Concept

`System’ a word used in many ways in our day-to-day life. To mention a few, we know transportation system, the economic system, educational system, and for over three decades, the computer system.
A system is a fundamental concept of system theory, a way of thinking about the world, a model. We determine a system by choosing the relevant interactions we want to consider, and Choosing the system boundary or equivalently, providing membership criteria to determine which entities are part of the system, and which entities are outside of the system and are therefore, part of the environment of the system.

System Concept

The term system is derived from the Greek word `systema’ which means an organized relationship among functioning units or components.
or in other words,
A system is an orderly group of independent components linked together according to a plan to achieve a common objective.
The word ‘component’ may refer to physical parts (engines, wings of aircraft, wheels of car), managerial steps (planning, organizing, directing, and controlling) or a subsystem in a multilevel structure.
For example – A business is also a system. Its components marketing, manufacturing, sales, research, shipping, accounting and personnel – all work together to create profit that benefits the overall organization.
Even though there are many types of systems that may appear to be quite different, they turn out to have many similarities. There are common principles and philosophies and theories that apply remarkably to virtually all kinds of systems.

Thus, if we understand something of general systems theory, it can help us to better understand the computerized information system.
A definition of the basic term ‘system’ is as follows –

  1.  A regularly interacting or interdependent group of items forming a unified whole.
  2. An organized set of doctrines, ideas or principles usually intended to explain the arrangement of a systematic whole.
  3. An organized or established procedure.

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