Review of Written Documents


The documentation which is prepare to developed the new system its include forms, records, reports, manuals etc. its organized & evaluated during the development of the system. This document helps in determining to what extends they are met by the present system. The day to day problems may have force to make the changes that are not reflected in the manual. Some time people have a tendency to ignore procedure & find short cuts to get the out-puts of given problem.

Regarding adjusting system the analyst need to find out how they are feeling forms & how useful they are to the user, what type of changes required by the user & how it is easy to read.

Onsite Observation

The another type of fact finding method which is used by the system analyst is on-site observation. The purpose of on-site observation is to get a close study of the possible requirement for the system.

For this purpose the analyst follows the set of rule’s which he/she used whenever he/she do the observation at the site.

On-site is the most difficult fact finding technique. It request intrusion in to the user’s area & can cause adverse reaction by the user staff if it is no handled properly. The analyst observes the physical layout of the system, location & movement of the people & also the workflow. The change in behavior of the user or user’s staff provide an experience analyst with clues that can help to put the behavior observe in perspective.

The following question’s can be used to take a decision about on-site observation:

  • what behavior can be observe that can’t be described in any other way?
  • What data can be obtained more easily & also reliable by the observation ?
  • What assurance can be given that the observation process is not seriously affecting the system, being observed ?

If on-site observation is to be done properly in complex situation, it can be time consuming. The proper sampling procedure must be used to a certain the stability of the behavior being observed.

Interview & questionnaires: – another type of fact-finding is the personal interview & questionnaires. In either type of .methods, heavy reliance is placed on the interviewee report’s for information about the job, present system or experience the quality of the response is judged in terms of its reliability & validity. The reliability means that the information gathered is dependable enough to be use for making decision about the system. The validity means that the question’s asked are so worded as to elicited the intended information. So the reliability& validity of the information collected depend on the design of the interview or questionnaires.

In an interview, since the analyst or interviewer & the person interviewed meet face to face, there is an opportunities for greater flexibility in collected information.

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