Questionnaires and Its Types


The questionnaires are special purpose documents that allow a analyst to collect information & opinion from respondent. The Questionnaires is used when there is impossible to conduct to interview all the desired people involved in a systcln. a more structure & formal methods of collecting data, but may be only viable option where there are large no of dispersed users. Questionnaires are made of question’s about information sought by the analyst. The Questionnaires send to the user & the analyst analyzes replies. The advantage of Questionnz ..)s are relatively cheap, particularly when there is.a scattered group of users and operators. The respondent feel greater confidence in anonymity of a Questionnaires then in that of an interview. In an interview the analyst usually knows the user staff by name, job function or any other identification. With Questionnaire, respondent give opinion without any fear that the answer will not be connected to their names if so desired.


There are two types of Questionnaires :

  • Structured Questionnaires
  • Unstructured Questionnaires
  • Structured Questionnaires : Structured questionnaires respondent has to select from possible option’s & the range of answer is limited structured Question’s, for eg. (A) multiple choice; (b) selection on ranking scale; (c) selection of rating; (d) fill in the blanks.
  • Unstructured Questionnaires : In this type of Questionnaires respondent opinion are asked. The Unstructured Questionnaires need more analysis & may or may not give the type of information sought. But they may however give better insight into the problems, as they are open ended & explanatory.

MIS (Management Information System)

The MIS is the planning for information system development with in the framework of the organization. We can view the MIS through two dimension : (1) the time horizon dimension specifies whether is short range, which is tantamount to the MIS yearly plan , midterm, or long range . (2) the focus dimension tells whether the primary concern is strategic, managerial or operational.

The MIS planning is an orderly approach that determines the basic objective for the user to achieve, the strategies & policies ready to achieve the objectives and the tactical plan to implement the strategies . once the MIS objective are set, the MIS policies are defined :

As a guideline to be use in carryout strategy.

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