Qualities of Information


The qualities of the information to be provided to managers are as follows :

  • The information should be It should be given to the manager when he needs it. Delayed information may sometimes be of no value.
  • It should also be The processing should not hide some vital information which may, for example, point out the inefficiency of some individuals.
  • The information must be in other words, the correctness of the input data and that of the processing rules should be ensured so that the resulting information is accurate.
  • Information should be tailored to the needs of the user and should be relevant to Massive volumes of irrelevant information would waste a lot of manager’s time and there is a danger of his missing important relevant information.
  • The information should be That is, it should include all data and must not exclude any.
  • The information should be presented when he needs it and where he needs it in such a way that he may immediately perceive its For example, presentation of information in a graphical form such as bar carts, pie charts, etc., ensures quick recognition of the significance of the information. It is also essential to present the information in an attractive format which a user can immediately understand.
  • It is essential to give brief summarized information to ensure quick action.
  • Information should also be up to date. It should include all data available at the time of processing.

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