Planning and Performance Evaluation


Planning is a complex process that must be creative and proceed in an organized way and involve a wide cross section of people to get wide commitment.

Planning Process

Planning process can be done by lot of discussions and idea generation followed by idea evaluation. New generated ideas should take into account the external environment and try to match it to the organizational internal capabilities including funds for new initiatives.

Such discussions and idea generation is usually carried out by teams that represent a wide cross-section of the organization. If often has a top down component, where senior executives may define wider plans, and a bottom-up component where specific internal problems are considered. A good process will combine both of these components into an integrated plan. Thus, in the context of information system planning the top level would consider the broad objective of the system where as bottom up components would be more concerned with ways to achieve this through reengineering or infrastructure development.

The Planning Goal

Planning must reach a balance between the pressures of the external environment and the user of total resources to meet these pressures.

In the given figure below, the external environment produces opportunities for the organization to make some gains. The plan must decide how the organization must deploy its resources to make these gains. Planning must make the trade off between the various organizational constraints. Given limited resources, a system planner is faced with the problem of deciding what to begin now and what to leave until later. Thus, priorities must be set during planning. That will ensure the maximum return for funds invested in information system development.

The Environment for strategic planning

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