Interviewing is the main approach used to analyze large structuredsystems. It is used by analysts to gradually build a subject world model and to understand any system problems. There are many important factors of successful interviewing. The first is to choose people to interview. This is important, as the analyst must ensure that all key people within the study boundary are considered. The next important factor is finding the right way to conduct an individual interview. Good interpersonal relationship must be considered and the interviewer must establish some rapport with the interviewe to ensure the cooperation necessary to get all the relevant facts.

Information gathering through interviewing for a large and complex systems can be an onerous task. Information must be gathered in an organized way to ensure that nothing is oveelooked and that all system detail is eventually captured. All users must be consulted to ensure that every system problem and each user requirement is identified and that useful objectives are proposed.

By studying the organization chart, the analyst can confidently schedule interviews with key personnels involved with the system.

Interviews help gather vital facts about existing problems, such as lack of quality control or sufficient security, but they also allow the analyst to involve people in change, easing them into it.

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