Features of a System


System has the following features :

  • People : People include all those who are directly or indirectly related to the
  • Infrastructure : Include all the physical facilities provided by the system.
  • Rules, Policies & Regulations : Various procedures carried out to conduct a meaningful activity.
  • Objective : It is the ultimate purpose of all the activities related to the system. If the features above mentioned exist, then we can say that a system exists. For example – An Educational System.
  • People : Faculty, student, administrative staff etc.
  • Infrastructure : Building, furniture, library etc.
  • Rules and Regulations : Dress code, admission procedure, time table etc.
  • Objective : For teachers, teaching and earning money. For students, to. gain

The study of system concept has 3 basic implementation :

  • A system must be designed to achieve a predetermined objective.
  • Interrelationship and interdependence must exist among the components.
  • The objective of the organization as a whole have a higher priority than the objective of its sub-system.

Therefore, system should be :

  • Interdependent
  • Interactive
  • Organized
  • Functioning
  • have common objective.

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