Fact Analysis


Once a data has been collected it is must to bring the information in an organized & evaluated & conclusion drawn for preparing a report to the used for final review and approval. There are many tools, which are used for organizing & analysis on collected information. The tools used for that purpose are input/output analysis, decision tables & structured chart.

Input/Output Analysis

This analysis identifies the elements that are related to the input/output of the given system. The data flow diagram & flowcharts are the best way to show the input/output analysis.

Dataflow Diagram

It is the best way to show the input output analysis it enables the user to focus on the logic of the system & developed feasible alternatives. The circle represents the processing point with in the system. The square are department or no of people involved in the system the major’s steps in the billing process are extracting the customer account, applying for renewable, preparing the bill processing the payment and account for cash receipt.

Decision Table

This table described the data flow within the system. It is used when a complex decision logic can’t be represented clearly in the flow chart as a documenting tool they provide a simpler form of data analysis then the flow chart. It is easy to follow communication devices between technical & non-technical person:

Structured Chart

There are several variation in the working tool of structured chart . the analyst start with single input /output processing/ out put chart, locate the module associated with I/O processing.

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