Design Objectives


The various desirable properties of system design are :

  • Correctness : The design of a system is correct if a system is built precisely according to the design and satisfies the requirements of that system. The goal during the design phase is to produce correct designs and to find the best possible design within the limitations imposed by the requirements and the physical and social environment in which the system will operate.
  • Verifiability : Design should be correct and it should be verifies for correctness. Verifiability is concerned with how easily the correctness of the design can be Various verification techniques should be easily applied to design.
  • Completeness : Completeness requires that all the different components of the design should be verified i.e. all the relevant data structure, modules; external interfaces and module interconnections are specified.
  • Traceabilty : Traceability is an important property that can get design It requires that the entire design element must be traceable to the requirements.
  • Efficiency : Efficiency of any system is concerned with the proper use of scarce resources by the system. The need for efficiency arises due to cost . If some resources are scarce and expensive, it is desirable that those resources be used efficiently.
  • Simplicity : Simplicity is the most important quality criteria for software Maintenance of software system is usually quite expensive. The design of the system is one of the most important factors affecting the maintainability of the system.

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