Design of Input and Control


Input design is the process of converting user-oriented inputs to a computer-based format. Input data are collected and organized into groups of similar data. Once identified, appropriate input media are selected for processing.

The goal of designing input data is to make data entry as easy, logical and free from errors as possible. In entering data, operators need to know the following:

  • The allocated space for each field.
  • Field sequence, which must match that in source document.
  • The format in which data fields are entered. For example- filling out the data field is required through the edited format mm/dd/yy.

Data Capture is the identification and acquisition of new data. Its always best to capture the data as soon as possible after it originates.

Source Documents are forms used to record business transactions in terms of data that describes those transactions.

Data Entry is the process of translating the source data or document into a computer-readable format. Entered data must subsequently be processed.

Batch Processing : In batch processing, the entered data is collected into files called batches. Each file is processed as a batch of many transactions.

Online Processing : In online processing, the captured data is processed immediately.

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