Background Analysis


Once the project is initiated the analyst begin to learn about the settings the existing system & the physical process related to the revised system. For eg. Its important to understand structure of the bank, who runs it, who report’s to whom in the safe deposit area. The relationship between the safe deposit & the teller line, accounting & customer service. The nature , frequency & level of interaction between the staff & the department . it could be reorganized the staff to get the better customer service. Therefore analyst should prepare origination chart the list of function’s required along with the people who performed them.

Fact finding technique: analyst began to collect the information on the existing system or making a new system’s output, input & cost. The tool use in collection of information are :

  1.  conducting interview of the user’s,
  2. on site observation,
  3. questionnaires,
  4. review of written documems.


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